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Ordering Information

I was amazed at how much foam gliders cost.  The more popular ones run anywhere from $40 to $70, just for the glider kit!

The Genesis foam glider kit is priced at $30.  Shipping and handling is free anywhere in the contiguous U.S.  Be sure to mention what color you want your tail (either blue, red, or yellow).  If you're interested in purchasing a kit, please email me.  I'm only selling kits to those of you in the U.S. for now, to keep things simple.

I accept only cash, check, or money order, as I am not set up for credit cards yet, BUT realize that if you pay by personal check, your order may be delayed up to two weeks while your check clears the bank.  COD is also an option, if you are willing to pay a COD fee of around $8 for a $30 kit. I highly recommend that you send a money order to expedite your order.

Lastly, compare what you get in the Genesis kit when shopping around.  One can pay $35 for a kit, just to find out that he still needs to purchase all the control linkage hardware and flexible pushrods, which can set you back another $15.   You really have to track the hidden costs.  With the Genesis, you even get ez-connectors, which make setting up the controls much easier and faster!