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Welcome to the Genesis foam glider web page.  I've geared this site for those of you whom might just be starting out, or are interested in foam-based gliders, but don't have one yet.  So, for you seasoned veterans, you might find this site rather boring.   But if you're still interested and would like more information, read on!

The Genesis is a two channel, aileron glider, with a 48" wingspan, designed as an aileron "trainer".  Click on the image to the left to see a larger image of the Genesis.  The flying characteristics are rather neutral, and quite stable, due to the long tail boom and low center of gravity.  Once properly trimmed, this glider practically flies itself!  It's no speed demon, but it will do rolls and loops with ease.  The fuselage is made of PVC plastic, which means that you don't need to tape up it up (yay!), and standard radio gear fits inside with plenty of room to spare.  The wing is constructed of EPS foam (styrofoam), so it should hold up to some fairly rough abuse.  It also has a thicker cross-section for added durability and more lift.  I decided to use white foam instead of the more exotic EPP foam to keep costs down and to simplify construction.  EPP foam is great in crashes, but its hard to get the wing tape to stick to it.  You usually have to spray glue on an EPP wing before you can tape it up.  The Genesis also has a large tail section for stability, and most of the control linkages are enclosed in the fuselage.

P.S. For all of you who have responded by email, Thanks!  I'm always encouraged by the interest and appreciate the good will expressed in your letters.   I've recently received email from some of you whom seem brand new to R/C gliders.  That's ok, since I consider the Genesis to be quite tame.  But I highly recommend that you get the help and guidance of an experienced R/C pilot when building and flying the Genesis at first.

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